Blue Hill Tavern Review

o (1)I was looking for a dinner spot we had never dined at for my Wife and Mother and I before our casino and concert night out. I came across Blue Hill Tavern on Yelp. After researching the menu, location and skimming a hand full of reviews we made reservations for 6:30pm on a Saturday evening. Arriving we had no issues finding an easy, close parking spot. Also I noticed they offered valet which I feel is a very nice touch since parking could be tricky later in the evening.

o (2)We arrived into the restaurant at 6:10pm and greeted very kindly by the Valet person, who also opened the door for us with a smile. My first impression as I scanned the first floor was wow, my kind of place. The ambiance and atmosphere reminded me of Manhattan meets South Beach in the heart of Charm City.  Stunning bar area, sexy to say the least complimented by a waterfall behind the bar. I can not wait to just go back for cocktails. Funky luminescent glows of blue, stainless steel, a glass stairway and dark wood give the place character that lives up to its name. We were seated immediately which was superb since we had a busy itinerary after dinner.

o (4)We were seated upstairs and the I noticed the snake skin chair upholstery as I sat down. Totally pimp and clearly done in good taste. Our server was Dan. He gave us immaculate service from start to finish. I had many questions for him since I myself am in the industry and he handled everything like a knowledgable professional gentleman. Our water never went below half and all of our courses came out on the dime and on time.
We ordered  Dirty Martini with blue cheese olives, Blue Hill Sangria, Blueberry Mojito from the menu. All the drinks were delicious and great portions. Some of our highlights were Duck Confit Gnocchi, rich and robust with an orange zest that adds the perfect amount of acid to the heartiness of the duck. The Grilled Octopus was gorgeous and extremely tender. The Pear Salad was impressive. The combination of candied walnuts in port wine, matched with the blue cheese, tender pear and pickled red onions over crisp field greens knocked this starter out of the park.

o (3)Main dishes were enjoyable and our Chateaubriand was cooked to perfection. I asked for medium rare, red center pink middle and that’s exactly what was sent to the table. The black truffle butter was appreciated as was the horseradish cream served on the side. I felt the 16oz. portion was a super value at 39. dollar price point y 2 people could share this. The second entree were the crab cakes. Listed on the menu as Double Surf, 2 cakes and some corn and potato hash. Being a native Baltimorean I just wanted to love these crab cakes however I felt like they fell short on creaminess and flavor. Our sides were spinach and Mac and cheese which were just average but at least came out piping hot.
oWe ordered the Candy Bar for dessert which was basically a an ice cream sundae jammed into a Mason Jar. It was pretty rad and everybody enjoyed the peanut mousse, burned marshmallow ( in a good way ) and the chocolate. The wine list was decent and we did find a bottle of 2009 Cade Napa Valley Cab which had a 99. price point listed on the menu. When it was brought out to the table I noticed the vintage was 2012 on the label. When I asked about the discrepancy I was told the 2009 was gone and they were replacing that with the 2012 at the same price. Worth notating however luckily 2012 was a damn fine year for Napa reds.

In conclusion we would highly recommend the Blue Hill Tavern for your next special occasion. Chef Brett Lockard certainly has created a gem stone for Baltimore. I am looking forward to getting back once the weather breaks since they have a fabulous outside area for dining. I anticipate trying some of the other menu items since there are some really intriguing creations available.